About FallSky Weather


Dave Rayner - Owner of Fallsky Weather Site and was the voice you heard for over 20 years on the weather scanner, tracking and reporting weather and storms. He was known as “Mr. Weatherman”. 

Back in 1990’s, an effort to provide tools to the storm chasers and spotters of southeastern Indiana, Dave Rayner developed a website called FALLSKY. Covering the weather info needed for serious chasers and the public alike, Dave maintained the site as well as running severe weather nets on the county ham radio repeater. Dave was introduced to Steve Wilhoit with the Town of Osgood and Dave started building the Towns first website – In addition to the Fallsky website information Steve Wilhoit asked Dave if he wanted to include a weather messaging system on the Towns current TextWire service – They created the Fallsky TextWire service sending out severe weather information directly to the subscriber’s phone. Today there is 1,800 current subscribers to the Fallsky division of Osgood’s TextWire. 

After Daves death in 2014, the Town of Osgood decided to maintain Daves work, and host the Fallsky Website under the Town of Osgood Banner 

The FALLSKY weather page has been updated, the first timesince Dave left us in November of 2014 – 

Dan Mulford- took over the TextWire notifications after Daves passing - Dan was a member of the Osgood Fire Department for over 40 years where he also served as a Fireman / First Responder. He was a former member of the Ripley County Local Emergency Planning Commission and a former director for the Ripley County EMA. He was also a member of the Ripley County as well as the National Amateur Radio Clubs. Dan took part in the National Emergency Numbers Association which helped to create the 911 system, Dan was also an advanced Severe Weather Spotter and Instructor.Dan’s working career spanned many years, working as a dispatcher for both the Greensburg Police Department and the Ripley County Sheriff’s Department.

After Dans death in 2022 – The Town reached out over social media in search of a volunteer to take over the TextWire service announcement. Darren Engleking reached out to us with the interest in helping keep up the tradition.

TXTWire Updates:

You will receive a single automated text for each list that you sign up for. Normal text messaging fees may apply according to whoever your current cell carrier and texting plan is with. The town of Osgood and/or Fallsky Weather will not be held liable for any charges, liabilities, and/or accidents resulting from txtwire messages. These messages are sent out as received on a volunteer status some storm information may be missed for this service.  

To sign up visit: https://www.osgoodindiana.org/txtwire.